"Road and Bridge 101" is concrete and asphalt polymer-resin repair material used for repairs to roads, bridges, parking lots, and other hard surfaces by Fast and Hard Supply Company. It is easy to apply, sets up fast and requires no special tools. It is traffic ready in minutes, not hours.

In our polymer concrete repair materials, thermosetting resins are used as the principal polymer component due to their high thermal stability and resistance to a wide variety of chemicals. Polymer concrete repair materials are composed of aggregates that include silica, quartz, granite, limestone, and other high quality material. The aggregate must be of good quality, free of dust and other debris, and dry. Failure of these criteria can reduce the bond strength between the polymer binder and the aggregate.

Polymer concrete repair materials may be used for repairing old concrete and asphalt surfaces. The adhesion properties of polymer concrete allow patching for both polymer and cementitious concretes. The low permeability and corrosive resistance of polymer concrete allows it to be used in all environments, including swimming pools, sewer structure applications, drainage channels, electrolytic cells for base metal recovery, and other structures that contain liquids or corrosive chemicals. It can also be used as a replacement for asphalt pavement, for higher durability and higher strength.

We supply high quality hard surface repair material, "Road and Bridge 101", directly to organizations who maintain roads and bridges, airport runways, ramps and other heavy use surfaces. We work with city, county and state road and bridge departments. Fast and Hard Supply Company provides our customers with in-depth product knowledge, on the job site training and unrivaled customer service.